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All Cartage - Trusted & Dedicated since 1978

All Carage TruckAll Cartage Transportation provides a wide range of transportation and transportation-related services. View our services below for the details.

Expedited Cartage Services
Local & Air Freight Cartage, Expedited & Special Pickup and Delivery, Contract Carrier service, International, Ground, Air and Ocean....

A.C.T. provides in-house pickup and delivery service to Los Angeles area locations. In addition, we provide service for shipments via ground, air or ocean, both domestically and worldwide. Whether it is one package or an entire trailer-load, our service is reliable and our prices are competitive.

Local Pickup & Delivery
24 hours per day, 7 days per week, A.C.T. provides its valuable customers with reliable, expedited pickup and delivery service to points throughout the Los Angeles area. The A.C.T. fleet of modern equipment includes bobtail vans with power liftgates, standard and air-ride trailers up to 53' in length, and flatbed trailers for containers and other specialized needs. Our completely radio dispatched fleet is ready when you are.

Ground - Air - Ocean
Ground, Air, and Ocean freight, each with its own unique problems and requirements. Skilled A.C.T. staff and drivers assure your products are handled safely and efficiently regardless of the mode of transportation you require. A.C.T. is bonded and insured and brings its 28+ years of experience to your aid with each and every shipment you make or receive.

Domestic and International
A.C.T. specializes in Domestic AND International freight transportation. We are at home in either the domestic or international freight environment, and welcome your inquiries and service requests.

Container Services
A.C.T. Container Services staff will handle all of your container transfer needs professionally and courteously. Whether your special requirements call for air container or ocean container pickup or delivery; or, whether you require container loading or unloading, we have the staff, equipment and skills to fulfill your every need.

Air Containers
Airline container handling is a specialty service A.C.T. has provided for many years. All of your airline container service needs and requirements are covered by A.C.T. Container recovery and delivery from and to the airlines; and, container loading or unloading are specialties of A.C.T., designed to save you time and labor.

Call us for the right equipment for the job, anytime, day or night, seven days per week.

Ocean Containers
Ocean container handling requires many service elements for a successful completion. Knowledge of the piers and steamship company requirements, knowledge of multiple company bills of lading and other documentation, as well as specialized equipment, are all necessary requirements for a successful container move. A.C.T. has the knowledgeable staff, steamship company and customs relationships, and special equipment to handle your ocean containers effectively.

Container Loading/Unloading
A.C.T. can save your company valuable time and labor by loading and/or unloading containers with your special products. Assembly and container loading as well as container unloading and distribution is available as a part of your All Cartage Transportation service package.

Give us a call or send us a message for the latest in container services from A.C.T.!

Fulfillment Services
Time and labor saving fulfillment services are recognized by A.C.T. as a critical element to it's "Total Service Package" concept. The A.C.T. Fulfillment Team is experienced in inventory, inspection, ticketing, hanging, and prepacking to your requested specifications. We take great pride in serving our customers with accuracy and efficiency. For more information on the professional and comprehensive fulfillment products and services offered by our sister company click here.

Internet Services
A.C.T. has invested in technology to be able to better service our customers and provide them with real time information. We offer several options for customers to access their information:

Automatic FAX or Email shipment charges and POD information - This proactive solution enables us to set up your account for fully automatic transmission of shipment data via FAX or Email.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – EDI services are available whenever needed.

Document Imaging – Our integrated document imaging systems can provide customers with exact images of any and all shipping documents.

Real Time Shipment Tracking – The A.C.T. Nextel mobile and data system enables direct communication with all drivers for live, immediate pick up and delivery information at all times, including ‘real time' POD information transmitted directly to our systems. Customers may securely retrieve or view this critical data at our website, or have it sent automatically to them via FAX, Email, or EDI by the ACT systems. Personal logons and passwords protect the integrity and security of your critical data at all times.

We are continually researching new and more efficient ways to provide our customers with the most comprehensive, real-time information possible.

Shipment P.O.D. Review
Click on our P.O.D. service option to review your shipment tracking and Proof of Delivery information and other details. To access this data contact you're A.C.T. service representative for your personal security identification and password.

Warehouse & Distribution Service
A.C.T. offers secure, state-of-the-art warehousing and warehousing services. With its modern facilities located within minutes of Los Angeles International airport and downtown Los Angeles, your products may be stored and serviced in a secure environment and convenient location.

Whether your warehousing needs include short term or long term storage, pick and pack services, merchandise inspection areas, world-wide distribution or high security, A.C.T. warehouse and distribution services have you covered. A.C.T. Warehousing Center is aware of the importance of security. Steel-mesh fencing and gating provides your valuable products with a secure environment.

Short Term/Long Term Storage
Short term or long term storage, A.C.T. has the safe, secure, and competitive solution for you. Our concerned, capable staff, and modern warehousing facilities provide the convenient solution for all of your storage needs.

Inspection Services & Security
When your needs require an inspection area, or, complete inspection services, A.C.T. is the answer. Shippers have come to depend on the dependable services of A.C.T. for the most secure and comprehensive warehousing service package in Southern California.

A.C.T. inventory and inspection services can save you valuable time and labor expense. Timely, accurate services assure you of product when and where you need it.
Give us a call, or drop us a message to get the details on the most comprehensive warehousing services around!

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